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The Universal Martial Arts Film Festival (UMAFF) encourages an emerging generation of filmmakers whose films treat various aspects of the field of the martial arts; those of the arts of combat and the arts of health.

The purpose being to collect and to protect the memory, to educate the public, to share and to pass on the knowledge.

The 8th edition of the Universal Martial Arts Film Festival will be held to March 15th, 2023 until March 31th, 2023 on its festival website.

The Universal Martial Arts Film Festival (UMAFF) showcases films that explore the martial practice, philosophy, aesthetic and spirituality.


A preliminary committee will watch the films and select the finalists.

After this first step, the films will be screened to March 15th, 2023 until March 31th, 2023 on the festival website.



Then, a jury panel composed of known and respected personalities from the worlds of cinema and Martial Arts will offer an award for each category.

The festival Members

will may vote for the

People's Choice Award.

The Universal Martial Arts Film Festival (UMAFF) is open to filmmakers and spectators worldwide.


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