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 Swelling by Sang-Kyu KIM - 2020 - Korea

Mu Taek is a boxer who defected from North Korea, who makes a living as a boxing coach while searching for his long-lost wife Geum Hwa . One day, Ha Bok, the gym chief offers Mu Taek a sparring match against Gi Hyeon with payment involved.

Written / Directed by Sangkyu Kim

Producer Taeksu Shin

Drector of Photography Dongik Kim

Production Designer Sunghyeon So

Sound Recording Jeongeun Song

Kim Sang-kyu is a South Korean film director and screenwri ter born in 1987. Kim entered

the Korea National University of Arts in 2014. He wrote and directed many short films, the

male priest-driven psychologic thriller ‘Through the Dark Verdant Leaves(2015), ‘Grand

Jeté(2018)’, and ‘The End of That Summer(2019)’. His works selected in many national and

international festivals. ‘Swelling(2020)’ is his recent short film.

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